What do I put on my links page? Well, I assume people come here to find out either more about BmB, or about other comics, or things I like in my spare time (besides the nerdy things). So, yes. :) You'll find all of the above here.



The first fansite. Home to a bunch of my art that I don't post here, a lot of fanfic, and other neatokeen things.

The Official BmB Mailing List = Fanfics, fanart, conversations at random, you'll find them all by joining the official mailing list.

BmB Fanfic Archive = A mass amount of fanfic.

The Official Fanclub, from the makers of Waiting to Exh--I mean, from the makers of "Title Goes Here". What's "Title Goes Here"?

Another fansite! This one has keeperships. Mm, sparkley!

The Tybalt clique, for people who like bisexual homicidal maniac vampires and their fluffier alteregos.



Home to one of my favorite comics, Grayling. It's an involved story, the kind that makes me think I should've called it a graphic novel instead of a comic. The art style is gorgeous, and the story is deep and involved.

My Life In Blue - I *adore* the art style. ::pets screen:: Pretty...

Beautiful story about young love. Oh, and transgender issues, but hey, if you're on my site, I figure you don't mind. ^_^

Lust feeding faeries. Really, what more could a person want?

The art is charming, the storyline touching. A fantasy comic with a touch of philosophy.

Very funny comic. Made by my sister.

All the news that's printed to fit.

Something Positive : Possibly the funniest comic online at the moment.



Some things I like to do in my spare time.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: It's my livejournal. Want to know what deep philosophical opinions I hold? Or when I go "Oo, shiny!" ? Then check it out. :3

Good enough reason for me. I like GW, and any site that lets me fight my growing attraction to Relena. :shudder:

I'm a college student. I'm addicted to a KIDS' site. :shrugs: Hey, what can I say, nothing relaxes me after chemistry like playing with pixelpets.

Sometimes I draw other comics. Be warned, BmB it is not.

I'm thinking I'll launch this midsummer. Yeah, another comic that's not BmB. It's funnier than Dementare, but spirals downward. Don't worry, it's supposed to. Still, you may not want to read this if you're particularly sensitive.



The Clique for the people who can't resist sociopathic blonde hitmen.

This Boys' Heaven: The Yaoi Web Ring
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