The Usual Suspects, otherwise known as the cast list.


Mikhael Rasputin

Mikhael is an independently wealthy gay artist. Unlike most independently wealthy gay artists, Mikhael has issues communicating with people, and is socially awkward and withdrawn. He's just now getting used to that whole "making friends" thing. He is usually calm and quiet, though prone to intense jealous streaks and occasional bouts of egomania and delusions of grandeur. Who among us isn't, right? ...right?


Harley Goldman

As social as his long-time boyfriend isn't, Harley is the lead singer/guitarist for a punk group named "Boy Band" (but is constantly irked that no one gets the oh-so-clever-anti-pop joke). Smarter than he acts, Harley nonetheless chose to ditch college in favor of devoting himself full time to his music. Despite the fact that Mik's rich, Harley finds himself in need of a job, and has managed to become assistant to a nightclub owner..


Tabitha Sinclair

Mikhael's land lady. Her mother was Satan and her father was a high priced lawyer from New Jersey: therefore, she is evil incarnate. While Tabitha does enjoy causing pain and filling people's lives with misery and despair, she has a soft spot in her heart for "Rasputin" and "Rasputin's Mini-Me". She's dating A. Allen, a man of questionable occupation.


Cyanide Torres

Cyanide Torres grew up in a household with seven younger sisters. This has left him twitchy and with a high physical pain tolerance, as well as a tendency to angst a lot. Pierced and tattooed, Cy is the drummer for Harley's band. He likes chemistry, occasionally being devious, and engaging in fantasies where he is a secret agent. It's all those chemicals I tell you.


Giovanni 'Skids' DiAngelo

Gio "Skids" DiAngelo used to be an enigma, but as the comic is ending soon, his mysteries are being revealed. Skids pushes any and all rage deep down inside and glosses it over with a coat of perky ditziness, which would be all well and good except for his tendency to blow up at people occasionally. His long time best friends, Harley and Cy, don't seem to appreciate him as much as his new friend, that Tybalt guy. Skids plays keyboards or backup guitar, depending on his mood.


Rasheequa Jackson

Rasheequa is a bit older than her friends, and the reason Harley considered renaming the band "Boy and One Non-Boy Band". Ok, not really. Formerly a pre-law student, Rasheequa has since graduated and is on her way to a nice law school, where she will no doubt be very successful. Rasheequa's excellent at arguing any case, despite a thick Island accent, and enjoys her choice of (future) career. 'sheequa's still around, she just hasn't had time to be a bassist, which lead to the group's hiatus.~


Kailen 'Fox' Maharassa

K. "Fox" Maharassa ended up Collin's best friend and boyfriend. Fox is laid-back, occasionally charming, and just plain friendly. A journalism student, Fox can't seem to hold a job or carry a tune, but that's ok. He doesn't mind being Collin's lackey, mostly because he knows that at the end of the day, the Boss is still his bitch. This, along with jello and pretty girls who hate wearing bras but love hugging, makes Fox happy.


Collin Sri'Vastra

Collin hates everybody, except for those he doesn't, and that tells you everything, doesn't it? The product of overbearing missionary parents, Collin is an apathetic asexual young man who nonetheless has fallen in love with and is dating his best friend. The relationship is a good one, and has in fact mellowed Collin out, though that doesn't stop him from mocking teeniegoths at Hot Topic or humiliating the people he deems "fucktards." He dreams of world domination, kitties, and a career in politics. He also likes jello and Smirnoff Ice more than any human being should.


Tybalt O'Donnel

Tybalt is not a slut: he simply keeps his options open with either gender. Mikhael's ex-boyfriend, who seeks to break up the happy couple and keep Harley (or Mikhael. Or both.) to himself. Seductive and occasionally malicious (but for a purpose!), Tybalt is loyal to no one but himself. He makes lace look manly.



Aubrey is a sweetheart. A wee bit on the ditzy side, but overall just a gentle and confused young man. He likes pretty socks and nice suits, and tends to forget what he had for breakfast and where he's going. He usually hangs around Aurora, as she's easily recognizable and doesn't confuse him as much as other people.


Aurora Goldman

Harley's too-sweet-and-perfect-to-be-true sister, who recently disproved that label by getting pregnant. However, she's doing just fine as a single mother. Bright, bubbly, and fiercely defensive of her family, Aurora owns a café downtown named after herself.